Hello dear visitor,

I'm very happy you found me here and I hope you will enjoy your stay.


My Name is Markus. I was born in 1992 and raised in the area of Aalen, a town near Stuttgart in Germany. At the age of seven I started to play classical guitar and attended lessons in the local music school (check out my great teacher Neven Sulic). During these years I learned a lot about the right touch, feel and techniques used on guitars.

Rather late in 2011 I joined a Tommy Emmanuel concert which left me speechless and inspired me to switch to steel string guitar and learn Fingerstyle.


Soon after this concert I uploaded cover of his songs and later started to write my own compositions. Many fantastic musicians were inspiration and influence on my way. Just to name a few other than Tommy Emmanuel:

Adam Rafferty, Michael Fix and Andy McKee. The complete list appears to seem much longer... ;)

To reach my own, authentic and unique sound I always try to adapt own feels, thoughts and memories to my songs.


Besides activities on YouTube I played a lot of Open Stages and was booked by Viele Saiten e.V. to open a concert for Adam Rafferty & Michael Fix in Blomberg. Sharing the stage with two of my heroes and playing together with them was a great pleasure for me indeed!

In late 2016 i was on tour in Switzerland with Péter Gergely from Hungary to play some concerts in several music stores, great memories! 


For near future I plan to play more concerts, entertain the audience and record an album. I will keep you posted here and on Facebook!


Greetings from Germany and I hope to see you again soon


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